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Update on my 2019 Rex-S: going wider with S-100s 195-50-20 front and 215-45-20 rears coupled with lowering the air pressure (34/36) made a huge difference in ride comfort. Feels like it holds the road in turns much better also.
I switched from the 600s to the 500s in the mild-weather San Francisco Bay Area. My laying impression is they were "fine" in an respects, but I ate through them a little more quickly.

When I switched back to 600s, I noticed right away that I was chirping my tires on a high speed freeway flyover ramp (yes, I drive it a little aggressively).

So I took that to mean I was probably pushing the 500s a bit harder than I was driving previously on the 600s, but also realized other than the freeway flyover, there was not much practical day to day difference for what's mostly my commute car.

For that reason I've stuck with the 600s on subsequent tire changes – most recently also because my tire shop had them in stock.
I’m guessing not in the US/North America.
Correct! Car is in Hong Kong.

Road surface is a mix of roughened concrete and asphalt.
It’s a humid sub-tropical type climate (does not drop below 0C/32F) so I run summer tires all year. For me, having a bit more grip helps quite a lot in the wet … and it’s wet quite a bit.