Please fix the Shuffle/Random software .

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Sep 16, 2016
My 2016 i3 has a checkbox for 'Random' . With music on a USB memory stick this Random function works as the description would suggest . After playing a song in the chosen group or list , the next song to play will be any song in the group or list including the song which just played . The same happens in my 2020 i3 . Music on a USB memory stick , choose 'Shuffle' function , the next song to play can always be any song in the group or list chosen , regardless of when it played previously .

What I would like or prefer is that these Shuffle and Random functions would play each song only once in rotation so that all songs have played before any song repeats .

This issue has been addressed by other music player manufacturers .

Please rewrite the software to perform the 'Random' and 'Shuffle' functions properly .

Thank you