Climate Control Led die but it works, help to know how takedown.

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Feb 1, 2020
Hi! I have an issue with my A/C button in my climate control, it works if you push but the led have been die. Prior que final fail I have see some times it works and others jingle next one day stop working.

I have buy this leds to make a replacement:

It will arrive and I will create a guide to this steps but I need to know how to take this panel out without damage any think.

I found in this forum a link to but is down :(

Any help?

Thanks and keep safe in covid times
From the pictures in the Munro & Associates price breakdown, it looks like the panel of switches and vents (HVAC, radio, and hazard flashers) is held in with four clips across the top. One is above the 'Mode' button. One above the '2' button. One above the '5' button. And one above the left-arrow button. There MAY be screws in the bottom but I don't see any mention of them. I would give it a pull or a pry at the top and see if the unit comes right out.
Has anyone tried to remove the panel with success? If so please confirm if a simple trim removal pry tool will do the trick.
I found this link helpful, as the replacement part seems to be out of production.