passenger seat belt warning (and a used-vehicle warranty question)

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Dec 27, 2020
I got such a quick and helpful response to my last post that I'll try another...

Anyone else had this happen? Driving with no passenger and not even a mobile phone sitting on the passenger seat and the fasten seat belts warning beep starts and won't stop. The first time the warning started without a passenger in the seat, I had something on the seat. I removed it but the beep continued for a minute or two then eventually stopped. That was many weeks ago, but it happened again twice this past week with no weight on the seat. My temporary fix is to buckle the seat belt, but leaving it that way interferes with opening the suicide door. I'd like to fix it permanently, ideally without entirely disabling the beep when there actually is an unbelted passenger.

I've had my car, purchased as a returned leased vehicle, for seven months and it has been perfect prior to this minor defect. I had been under the assumption that the warranty would automatically carry over but am now seeing evidence that I needed to have submitted a request to transfer the warranty and maybe that I needed to have bought the car from a particular dealer as a certified vehicle. (The dealer is a used car dealer affiliated with a BMW dealership.) In theory, the car has a few more months left on the warranty and with luck this would be the only thing I'd use it for. Has anyone had success in transferring a warranty to their purchased used car without it having been a "certified" used vehicle?

Thank you!
Let’s not get factory and CPO warranty confused. If you’re still under the factory warranty you should be able to take the car to the dealer and have any repairs covered. If the car has a CPO, from my past experience, I recall you have to submit a form to transfer the warranty for a $200 fee.

As for your seat, is there any chance the bottom cushion had been wet lately? When I clean mine, it can sometimes act up for a day or so until all the moisture clears up.
No recent moisture, but that was a good thought. So, still a mystery.

I had to look up CPO as I wasn't familiar with that term. That was helpful. You're probably right that what I was reading elsewhere probably referred to CPO warranty rather than the mfr's warranty. I feel better now.

Thank you!