Windshield Wiper fluid leak in 2014 BMW i3 REX

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Oct 8, 2022
I have a leak in my windshield wiper fluid system, it appears to be coming from an area near the sensor as I see blue all staining over that area directly behind the left sidewall of the frunk on the white reservoir connectiing plastic pieces and the surrounding hoses, pipes. I removed the frunk to see this but I didn't yet remove anything else as I don't know what I'm doing. I want to post a pic here but I can't figure out how or if this is possible to upload an image here.

Seems that only the dealership (who will also charge $300 or so diagnostic and who knows how much for repair) is certified to repair so I'm trying to do it myself but could use help to diagnose what the issue is and what parts I may need. Saw a post about a failed sensor but I'm unsure if thats the issue or if its another part. I'm open to paying a local mechanic a reasonable price to repair (for parts & service), dealership and mobile app/website rates are not very reasonable though.

I'm in San Diego, CA if that helps, any help I can get would be greatly appreciated! 🙏🏼

A cracked windshield washer pump could be the source of the leak. It seems that cracked pumps aren't so uncommon. A replacement is apparently available at some auto parts stores for a very reasonable price. Replacement doesn't seem to be too difficult, either. However, I have no experience with a windshield washer fluid leak, so I can't offer any advice from personal experience.
Thanks alohart! Will look more into that possibility. Couldn't figure out how to post photos heif its even possible, wish it was.

I'd be happy to email my photos to any1 who might be able to help further.
shen0bi9 said:
Couldn't figure out how to post photos heif its even possible, wish it was.
No photos can be uploaded to this forum. However, photos can be displayed in a post by uploading them to a Website that provides photo URL's whose extensions are those of common photo formats (e.g., jpg, jpeg, tif, tiff, png). Then insert the <IMG> tag with the photo URL into a post as I have done below with a photo whose URL is