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Dec 10, 2023
Hopefully this is posted in the correct subforum. I Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that Road Top currently has a year-end sale with $50 off the i3 unit, making it $179 with free shipping, no tax. Seems like a great price. I have no affiliation and just ordered one for myself. I received it in two days, shipped UPS from New Jersey. Just google Road Top i3 to find the site. I've attached a few photos. I have a 2017 NBT and would prefer to mount it under the rear seat, but from what I gather, the best bet is next to the glove compartment. I can't install for another week or two but will post results afterwards.


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Installed today. Easy peasy...took a little over an hour and I changed my microfilters while I had the panel below the glove box removed.
Used this video for guidance.
Tested with iphone and android and both carplay and android auto worked.
As far as I can tell it has the latest firmware.


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Hello nilknarf

Thank you for posting about this. I've got a few questions.

Do the USB ports under the armrest still work? Any Bluetooth audio issues?
Any Coding required?
Anything else required that is not in the video?

I have been looking at the PremiumRetrofit MMI v6 and it is quite a bit more expensive.
Sorry for the delayed response...I didn't receive a notification of the post. Not sure about the USB ports under the armrest as I've never used them. What are they for, playing music as an aux in? No Coding required. The video covers everything. It was really good.

Regarding the bluetooth, music sounds great. I've only used it once for a call and it worked fine. I believe that the phone only initially connects to the carplay via bluetooth and after that there is a wifi connection to the phone, which provides better audio quality than bluetooth.

I researched the PremiumRetrofit also and it would have been my first choice if the price was more competitive, but being 2.5x more expensive, this was an easy call.
I can see that the price is not the biggest strength of our product. :( However, our product is the one that can be installed very easily under the back seat in every i3 model, regardless of year and display size, and you don't have to disassemble half the car. Even those who do not have much technical talent can solve it and do not have to pay for the installation. In terms of functionality and quality, it is on the same level as the Bimmertech MMI Pro, which is 799 USD. We pay attention to all the details that other manufacturers do not pay enough attention to, and we deal with the continuous development of hardware and firmware.