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Sep 30, 2023

I have never owned a BMW before, but I am thinking about buying an I3 (BEV, 120Ah).
My previous experience with car software is mainly Mercedes, for which I know that if I need:
  • programming, I use: Xentry, DTS Monaco, Vediamo
  • parts catalogue, I use: EPC
  • repair procedures, torque values, etc, I use: WIS/ASRA
Can someone please tell me what is the equivalent software for the BMW I3?

I found some mobile apps too: mi3, BimmerCode, OBDeleven - are any more noteworthy?

Lastly, I have a VXDIAG VCX se device, licenced for Mercedes. Can I buy an extra licence for BMW, and use it for diagnostics?

Many thanks!
Actually, BMW are happy to give you all the info that you need, and at an affordable price:

I just started using ISTA 4.39.20 and I found all the disassembly procedures, diagrams, and technical documents that I needed to work on my i3. It's super easy and convenient, one application for diagnostic and technical reference.

For parts numbers, I use realoem. My local BMW dealership has been very helpful with providing part numbers and pricing, and all the parts that I ordered through them arrived very quickly. Unless it's a performance upgrade, I will always use genuine BMW parts, and will never cut costs using 3rd party compatible parts.

Next, I will look into E-SYS.
thePeter said:
Actually, BMW are happy to give you all the info that you need, and at an affordable price:

Hello thePeter – welcome to the board and thanks for the link to AOS, I hadn't heard of that service before!

I wonder, with right-to-repair gaining traction in the US, if that will ultimately force BMW to stop charging for access to that information... we can hope?

Regarding, I love that site and it has been SO helpful over the years but BMW cut them off from document access a few years back. When you are on the landing page where you ID your car / enter a VIN, notice that the date of the catalog (upper right on the page) is December 2019.

Scrolling through the list of cars I see some model year 2020 BMWs made it in before the cutoff but i3 data stops at 2019, unfortunately.